Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Random thoughts...

  • Really? I should know better. This picture is what happens when you leave your two year old alone (or rather with his 8 year old brother, so he might as well be alone with a pack of matches) while you go get your 4 year old dressed for bed. It is also what happens when you leave said two year old with the pantry door open and a box of chocolate donuts in his reach. If you need to know anything about Michael it's that donuts are just about his favorite thing. And of course this would only happen 2 minutes out of the bath. You can't really see it here, but his little hands were COVERED in chocolate.

  • I think it's really interesting how our kids today are with technology. I have several adult friends and relatives who can't work their iPhones (or regular cell phones for that matter). I myself have crashed my own iPhone about 700 times only to freak out and make my husband somehow fix it. Yet my two year old knows how to turn it on, unlock the screen, flip through the pages, find the bigfoot app, and choose from the menu which game he wants to play on bigfoot. No, I'm not bragging. I'm not saying I have a child prodigy. Just thinking how funny these kids are today with technology, and can't imagine what it will be like when they are older (Geez, could I sound more like an 80 year old??)

  • I found over 100 pictures on my phone of the wall, an eye, the carpet, Michael's feet. He also figured out how to find the camera and take pictures. I should also mention that this evening he showed me how to use the zoom on the camera on my iPhone. Yes, it has been 1.5 years and I had no idea that I even had a zoom on my camera. Yes, I'm hanging my head in shame that my two year old had to show me how to do it.

  • Matthew was telling me how he's learning to use different words with the same meaning in his writing to make it sound better (think Joey on Friends when he figures out how to use a thesaurus....). So he's giving me an example. Sentence 1: I'm looking at you. Sentence 2:I'm gazing at you. Sentence 3: I'm exploring you with my eyes. Somehow sentence three sounded really wrong coming from my 8 year old.

  • Today while giving Ryan a haircut he asked if I would give him a mohawk. When I said no he asked if I would give him a reverse mohawk. I told him a reverse mohawk would basically be a balding man. He told me "well, at least I'd look a little like Grandpa."


  1. Oh god that's all hilarious. I needed that laugh. My buddies are always good for making me laugh.

  2. I agree with your brother...that was a great laugh! That picture of Michael--it's priceless! And do you think he could give me a little lesson on zooming with my phone? I had no idea that was possible either. ;)