Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Out of the mouths of babes

Things I have overheard my kids say today: 1. Matthew was playing in the jumper with Michael and told him "go suck an egg Michael". (I definitely plead the fifth on where he heard that expression.) Michael then proceeded to walk around saying "suck egg, suck egg, suck egg". What a proud mommy moment. 2. Matthew and Ryan were playing in the jumper. Matthew was being super wild with Ryan so I told him not to be so rough. After I walked away I heard Ryan say "don't worry Matthew, I like it rough. I like it really rough." 3. At the grocery store today Ryan wanted to buy rawhides for Cubby and Princess. I told him that Cubby gets sick from rawhides and Princess is too fat. Ryan said "geez, she's already old and fat, you should at least let her be happy." Pretty logical, I guess. 4. At the vet today we say a little yellow lab puppy. Ryan told the owner "he looks just like Marley." The owner said "he acts just like Marley too." Connor told her, "well, if he's being bad you could always whip him with a wet noodle. That's what we do to our dog." I don't think the lady believed me when I said we actually do NOT whip our dog with noodles. 5. At the mention that it was our 10th anniversary today Ryan said to Matthew, "how did dad get mom to marry him??" at which Matthew replied, "I guess it was his lucky day or something, I can't figure it out either Ryan." 6. At the vet Michael spent the entire 10 minutes sticking his hand in the face of a dog, saying "lick, kisses, lick, kisses" (like he does to Cubby) trying to get it to lick his hand. I guess he can't tell the difference between a real dog and a cement statue of a dog. This is just a little taste of my day, this was all before 10am ;o)

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  1. I love, love, love your stories, Kathy! You (and your kids) always make me laugh. Thanks so much for posting these...they brightened my day! :)