Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My final class...

I haven't blogged in several days. Not much to talk about over here. I feel like I'm constantly coming and going, with a million things to do, but yet nothing ever gets done. I hate that feeling! Tonight I had my fourth, and final, cake decorating class for level one. We worked a little on roses, then we decorated a cake using different techniques that we learned from all four classes. We could do whatever we wanted. Mine definitely has room for improvement, lol. But it was my first time doing the roses, so I'll give myself a break, I guess.

The next picture is a closer up of the roses. I definitely should have made one more and wedged it in there, because I came up with a weird space in there, that I tried to fill with a leaf, lol. They are made from buttercream frosting, so it's really hard to transfer them on to the cake without smashing them (at least for me it was!). So I tried not to put them too close, but ended up with the space.

I wanted to join the next level that starts next week, but with a husband who travels and parents who had the nerve to go on vacation ;o), I think it's not going to happen. Maybe the next one!

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  1. Your cake looks gorgeous! You did a great job! I am also a mother of five boys so I thought I must say Hi. My boys would make short work of your cake! x