Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fine Arts Festival

Sunday we went to the Kaneland fine arts festival. Alex made a clay sculpture (a rat) in art class that was being displayed there. We walked around looking at the art for a while when they announced that a performance of School Rock House was starting. The boys decided they wanted to watch it. It was very interesting and I can't really say if the kids enjoyed it or not, lol. But we did learn about nouns, adjectives, interjections, the solar system, and of course, conjunction junction (plus more that I may or may not have blocked from my memory)! While they were singing about adjectives they came out into the audience to had out cards with adjectives on them to a few kids. Ryan got the card that said "wacky". We all thought that was very fitting, lol. After School House Rock we went and got balloon art (4 swords and a giraffe). Then we finished out the festival with going to the cafeteria and getting pizza (had you any doubt that Tom and Alex wouldn't find a way to eat, even at an art fair?). When we got home the boys took out the sprinkler and super soakers and enjoyed the 85 degrees out!

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