Thursday, April 14, 2011

Definitely NOT the cake boss

Some of you probably know that for years I have been talking about taking a cake decorating class. It is something I wish I knew how to do well, and I currently stink at decorating cakes! So I finally bit the bullet (with much encouragement from my husband) and signed up for Wilton's Cake Decorating Basics. It meets every Wed. evening for the month of April. Last night I had my second class. It's been a lot of fun, and very enlightening. I have come to realize I will NEVER be a cake boss, lol. I have learned some new techniques for baking, frosting, and decorating. Hopefully it will help to improve my cakes so people don't think my two year old decorated them! The cake with a heart on it was for Tom's birthday, made after my first class. The cake with the cupcake on it was made during my second class last night. Buddy Valastro eat your heart out, hahaha.

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