Monday, March 28, 2011

Woodfield Mall

So I wanted to take the little boys to Build-a-Bear. I thought I just might have the courage to brave Fox Valley. My husband had the brilliant idea to go to Woodfield. I had a momentary lapse in judgement, and I agreed with him. I haven't been there in years. I now remember why. Take five kids, one double stroller, a huge diaper bag, seven winter coats, and a husband who hates spending money to a crowded mall on a Sunday afternoon. Not to mention the insane sales taxes, it was so crowded we could barely walk. As a result of that, stressed Tom out to no end, and he spent the entire time making the kids walk single file behind the double stroller (probably afraid for their lives, with all the insane shoppers.) So we walked through the mall, me pushing the double stroller with my little ducklings, single file, following behind. With the drill Sargent pulling up the rear. We wandered around for a while. We even found the Easter Bunny! (you can see the picture at the top of the blog, Doesn't Michael look like Popeye, lol?) Then we finally made our way to Build-a-Bear. Connor was in heaven! So the little three picked out their animals, got to stuff them, bath and brush them, and Daddy even let Connor and Ryan pick out clothes for their animals. Michael got a lamb named Wooly (although, he couldn't care less, but Mommy thought it was so cute.), Connor got a bunny named Hopper, and Ryan got a bear named Hop. The older boys decided to take a pass at getting stuffed animals and got new Lego sets at the Lego store instead. After all that fun and excitement, we decided to leave the mall and went and invaded my brother and sister-in-law's apartment. Uncle Jimmy even cooked dinner for all of us! Although it was fun, and the boys had a great time, I probably won't be going back to Woodfield for a LONG time.


  1. I love love love the pictures and the story behind them! You always make me laugh! :)

  2. We're glad you decided to go to Woodfield since I got to see my buddies. Although, considering I live about 15 minutes from Woodfield, have no kids, and still refuse to go to Woodfield barring an emergency, I can understand. Oakbrook is my go to mall... even when it's cold out. That just means less people.